CARRINGTON’S MANAPOL NOT DEAD–just having an identity crisis.

Carrington Labs ManapolFor quite a few years now we have been reporting on the tragic death of the product we knew and loved as Carrington Laboratories Manapol Powder.

Technically the reports were correct–but Effectively they were WRONG! Very recently we learned that the SAME PRODUCT IS ALIVE AND WELL, but having an identity crisis.

Here’s the ‘skinny’ as we learned it:

  • Carrington Labs is, in fact, DOA. Defunct. Dissolved. Disappeared.
  • As Carrington was gasping its final dying breaths, investors were snatching up the pieces.
  • The Costa Rica plantations, processing equipment and the process itself were acquired by a South American company.
  • The Aloe fields were replanted and have now matured.
  • The Aloe is being harvested and processed to produce an identical Aloe vera dry powdered extract.

Here’s the problem:

  • During the snatching of pieces, Mannatech® cleverly snatched up the trade-name “Manapol.”
  • Of course, Mannatech® has to be snickering with glee. They would be foolish to give it back.

The solution:

  • The replacement name for Manapol is Verapol

    The new name is Verapol

    Come up with a clever new name for the product, then,

  • Begin re-educating all the health-conscious people of the change

The New Name:

  • The new name for the identical product is “Verapol®.”
  • Well, technically, it is “NaturManan™ Verapol® Premium,” but we are all friends here–you can just call it “Verapol®” and we will immediately know what you are talking about.

How It Compares:

Muscle Testing Results:
Excellent on all those we tested it on.

Radionics readings:
Surprisingly and unexpectedly higher than “Brand B” we used to carry.

I accidentally bit the inside of my mouth, leaving a very sore injury. Because it was affecting my sleep, I put a pinch of the Verapol® on the area at about 3:00 AM. When I awoke a few hours later, the area was completely pain-free and undetectable. I am convinced …

No discernible flavor when mixed with water or juice

It remains light and fluffy after opening in a moderately dry environment. Under the same conditions,  “Brand B” became rubbery while Verapol® remained essentially unchanged.

Just like James Bond’s martini, it is best “shaken, not stirred.” When water is added and it is vigorously shaken, it reverts to Aloe vera inner leaf gel.

Shelf life:
The shelf life is Five freakin’ years! The other brand was only 2 years (officially–less than 2 actually.

Currently it is only available in 30 gram jars of loose powder. It may become availability in veggie caps in the near future. (Personally, I like powder the best.)

30 gram jars, expected to be a 60 day supply, are only $70 plus shipping. (You may recall that the 30 gram jar of the other brand was $100.)



Either go to to place your order, or call us at 208-278-1615 between 8:00 AM and 5 PM Pacific (11:00 AM and 8:00 PM Eastern)


Not ready to order, but would like to stay informed?

If the time isn’t right for you to place an order, but you would like to be updated about people’s experiences, stock levels and other available Aloe products, simply complete the form below:

The Product Formerly Known as Carrington Manapol — AVAILABLE AGAIN!

Although it took a few years to get it up and running again, the Costa Rica Aloe vera plantation and processing equipment formerly owned and operated by Carrington Laboratories is back in full operation. The trade name “Manapol” was acquired by Mannatech after Carrington Laboratories was declared bankrupt, so the product is being marketed under a different name — “Verapol®.”

ABCompany has acquired some of the Verapol® and an associated product, Naturaloe™ for testing before we recommend it to our customers at If you would like to be one of the first to be notified of our findings, please use the contact form.

Better Than Manapol, Plus 10% Off Coupon

UPDATE  December 28 2015:

APMC 500 will be discontinued shortly. Neuro Nutrimens is coming soon and will replace APMC. The New Neuro product contains twice the amount of active ingredients. Better value, same great results.


Other posts on this site explain what happened to Carrington Labs and Manapol, and how their former Aloe plantation manager went on ahead to produce the vastly superior product “BiAloe®.” I hope that you have read them, and now understand how BiAloe® is many orders of magnitude better than Manapol, or any of the other Aloe inner leaf gel products. This post is primarily to introduce you to an outstanding product that contains BiAloe®, APMC500 from Alt Med Labs,  and how to apply a 10% discount coupon to your purchases.

If you are searching for Manapol or BiAloe® then you likely already know enough about its benefits that I need not bore you with those details. If you need to know more, grab the discount coupon info below, then go the Alt Med Labs website to read more about it.

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To your perfect health: NATURALLY!
Bruce Wesley Chenoweth
Natural Health Coach

Replace Manapol With A Superior BiAloe® Product: APMC 500

BiAloe Product Replaces Carrington Labs Manapol

When Carrington Labs went bankrupt, their Manapol became unavailable. Although several “wannabes” popped up, one proved itself to be a dramatically superior replacement. It’s name is BiAloe®.

apmc500BiAloe® is something that a former consumer of Manapol would intuitively choose to purchase in pure form. For us, this proved to be a poor choice due to the propensity of BiAloe® to absorb moisture, even under the most painstakingly cautious packaging and storage.

The best way for a consumer to get this high-quality C.L. Manapol replacement seems to be in the BiAloe® product called “APMC 500.” Because of our former involvement with BiAloe® we have been authorized to purchase APMC 500 and other AltMed products at a 10% discount and we are authorized to share our ABCompany discount code with you to give you 10% off the purchase price also.

Here is how:

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This discount applies to all of the AltMed Labs products that you have in your cart, not just the APMC 500™. Also, to my current knowledge, you may continue to use this discount code on subsequent orders.

I look forward to receiving your feedback in which you share your experience with this new product, and how it compared to Manapol, pure BiAloe® powder, and any other blended product that contained BiAloe®, Manapol or any other Aloe polymannose product you have used. (NOTE: If you cannot comment directly to this post, use the contact form at 
to send us your report.

Ganoderma Lucidum: It Took 4,000 Years for Me to Learn About It.

Ganoderma Lucidum:
It Took 4,000 Years for Me to Learn About It.

An Awakening to the Power of SuperFoods.

In 1995 I recovered from a condition called non-Hodgkins lymphoma, in part because I began supporting the structures and functions of my body with Manapol and an excellent Dynamite® nutritional supplement. Going from expecting to die at any time to highly energized and active again really got my attention! I began studying and evaluating nutritional supplementation, especially those classified as “superfoods.”

Ganoderma productsGanoderma lucidum–the Super-Superfood

Now, over 18 years later, I learn about the single most important herbal supplement that the world has ever know–for four thousand years. The Chinese call it “lingzhi”–supernatural mushroom, or magical mushroom–because it seems to have the supernatural power to find the parts of humans and animals that need support, then immediately provide the support that is needed.

“Diagnose, Prevent, Treat, Mitigate, Cure.”

Anyone who is seeking to be perfectly healthy, naturally, must erase, not only the words “diagnose, prevent, treat, mitigate and cure.” from their vocabulary, they must also erase the very thought or ideas of these from their minds. The intention of natural health is to be healthy, naturally. A naturally healthy body does not ever require diagnosis, as there is no adversity to diagnose. It requires no interference to prevent disease, as the perfect mechanism is already installed throughout our bodies. There is nothing to treat, mitigate or cure, because a naturally healthy body will not support nor allow the presence of harmful colonies of what are referred to as pathogenic organisms. These are all disease terms, and the pharmaceutical industry legally holds all rights to use them. Their primary use is for the systematic transfer of wealth from the foolish to Pharma.

Practitioners and seekers of natural health only require the use of the words “support.” “structure” and “function” to define and describe the value of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and super-foods.

The Ganoderma Solution.

Ganoderma lucidum seems to “support the structures and functions” of our bodies better than any other known substance. You can prove that statement by adding a daily serving to your perfect health program. I get mine HERE.