Ganoderma Lucidum: It Took 4,000 Years for Me to Learn About It.

Ganoderma Lucidum:
It Took 4,000 Years for Me to Learn About It.

An Awakening to the Power of SuperFoods.

In 1995 I recovered from a condition called non-Hodgkins lymphoma, in part because I began supporting the structures and functions of my body with Manapol and an excellent Dynamite® nutritional supplement. Going from expecting to die at any time to highly energized and active again really got my attention! I began studying and evaluating nutritional supplementation, especially those classified as “superfoods.”

Ganoderma productsGanoderma lucidum–the Super-Superfood

Now, over 18 years later, I learn about the single most important herbal supplement that the world has ever know–for four thousand years. The Chinese call it “lingzhi”–supernatural mushroom, or magical mushroom–because it seems to have the supernatural power to find the parts of humans and animals that need support, then immediately provide the support that is needed.

“Diagnose, Prevent, Treat, Mitigate, Cure.”

Anyone who is seeking to be perfectly healthy, naturally, must erase, not only the words “diagnose, prevent, treat, mitigate and cure.” from their vocabulary, they must also erase the very thought or ideas of these from their minds. The intention of natural health is to be healthy, naturally. A naturally healthy body does not ever require diagnosis, as there is no adversity to diagnose. It requires no interference to prevent disease, as the perfect mechanism is already installed throughout our bodies. There is nothing to treat, mitigate or cure, because a naturally healthy body will not support nor allow the presence of harmful colonies of what are referred to as pathogenic organisms. These are all disease terms, and the pharmaceutical industry legally holds all rights to use them. Their primary use is for the systematic transfer of wealth from the foolish to Pharma.

Practitioners and seekers of natural health only require the use of the words “support.” “structure” and “function” to define and describe the value of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals and super-foods.

The Ganoderma Solution.

Ganoderma lucidum seems to “support the structures and functions” of our bodies better than any other known substance. You can prove that statement by adding a daily serving to your perfect health program. I get mine HERE.

What Happened to Carrington’s Manapol, and What Now?


What Happened to Carrington’s Manapol, and What Now?

ManapolFrontCarrington Laboratories ceased to produce their Manapol several years ago. Shortly thereafter, they filed bankruptcy. Given a 2-year expiration period on Manapol, any product on the market that represents itself to contain Carrington Manapol is either way, way past expiration date, or is just being falsely represented.

When we ran out of legitimate Manapol, we searched other immune/endocrine support products. The best we found was Lorand Labs “BiAloe®.” For a while, we re-packaged this in pure form in 30 g. jars. BiAloe® is, in our opinion, the best Aloe inner leaf gel product on the market. We, however, had not chosen an adequate packaging method, and moisture absorption created a problem for many consumers. We have not yet determined how to package pure BiAloe® powder so that it does not absorb moisture.

AgaricusBlazei2When we did our initial search for alternate immune/endocrine support products, we evaluated one brand of Agaricus blazei mushroom. We were not at all impressed. Recently a natural doctor friend suggested that we re-evaluate Agaricus, but from different sources. This time our experience was very positive. We have chosen to add the Aloha Medicinals Pure Agaricus blazei Capsules  to our product line because of effectiveness and value. It out-performs other immune/endocrine support products, and it costs considerably less to purchase. To learn more, go to

This product has become my family’s immune and edocrine supplement of choice.

To your perfect health,
Bruce Wesley Chenoweth